Monday, October 10, 2011


I drop out from the Madhouse
Otherwise I will die in suffocation
I find only idiots all around me

Idiots who know nothing about love
Idiots who are full of garbage inside
Smiling outside
Idiots whose intelligence leads the same destination
Where non-intelligence leads

I always believed these idiots
Gave my delicate life in their cruel hands
Cried for their approvement
Begged to certify my character
They kicked me left and right

Never questioning their identity
I felt myself down

Today, I dared to ask?
Who are they?
They all look so miserable
Who waste their life running behind non-valuable
They never danced to reach god
They never sing song in his gratitude
They miss real taste and truth about life
How come their words became so important to me?

I was asking blind people to show me direction
Trusted in them more than my own voice
I willingly gave them power to dictate over me
Tell me what is right?
Tell me If I really fit as one of idiots in their Madhouse

Before these idiots throw me out
I myself drop out from the Madhouse
And reclaim all my power and freedom to be my own


  1. so nice post

    कृपया मेरे ब्लॉग पर भी पधारें

  2. Thanks for feedback. I will surely visit your blog. Thanks.