Sunday, November 1, 2015

Dramas during travel in India

If I wear simple chudidhar or kurti, auto person, rickshaw person n hotel person treats differently. When I wear something with little bit hippie touch...May be just a long shirt on t-shirt or some gown with sunglasses...same are you madam...which country madam..please come madam. Once...just to be safe...I told wrong name n country to one photographer in kanyakumari n forgot about it. After 2 days, I saw some fellow running behind me n shouting...juile are you? do you remember me? Then I realized..ohhh..shit...he is calling me. I wanted to roll on road n laugh belly full but responded seriously..ohhh..yes..nice to see you again.
So many jokes happens all around all the time....when we are serious, our eyes forget playfulness n can't see the jokes happening in our lives n other lives..

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