Sunday, November 1, 2015

Little play on the way...

Generally, I am truthful but sometimes, can't help to be playful...
While staying in a hotel in Varanasi, I wanted to go out at 5a.m. I tried to wake up the staff  who were all old people to open the gate but no one responded. I got an idea..went little far from reception n called on reception...after few calls..lazily one fellow came towards reception..I immediately cut the call...again called n cut it. By that time, old man was fully awake...I went and asked him..please open the gate. He asked me ...did you call? I said no n why will I call n rushed out of hotel :):)
Second incident, while coming back in train, I was on upper seat. In night, while drinking water...water bottle slipped from my hand n water went to middle n lower seat, I immediately went into sleeping posture. When someone turned on the light, I pretended to be in deep sleep. He didn't understand n turned off light:):):):)
I am sure...Allah..will not mind these little plays:):):)

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