Sunday, November 1, 2015

Mystery of Varanasi...

Few days back, I felt Varanasi is calling me..for what I don't know but I felt the call to go n explore.
There were many reasons not to like Varanasi still I felt very comfortable walking around the city. City is quite dirty especially during the rain. There is cow dunk everywhere n dog's shit. People stand in middle of road n spit paan. For my own surprise, I was more comfortable than my own home town on streets. I didn't feel like entering into any temple. I didn't feel any interest in saints sitting around me. I didn't feel like checking Varanasi sarees or click photos or take a dip in Ganga. I just loved going around the city, have tea in mud cup n enjoy local chaats n sweets. And, look at the Ganga sitting at assi ghat especially in night when power would go off. I felt absolutely safe sitting in dark among strangers. Few times, I went n witnessed wonderful arti in evening on other ghats. 
I think this city has been helpful to enhance my trust in me where I totally followed my inner voice irrespective what other people were doing.
People were very helpful n truthful. I had really nice experience except few drank rickshaw men n a beggar in night :):).
I pray Varanasi manifest two things in future.
1) People say that your karma will be cleaned by taking bath in Ganga. Like most of you, I don't agree but I want to create different concept of cleaning karma in Ganga till people get awareness about truth of karmas :):)Whoever clean Ganga instead of making dirty..his negative karmas will be cleaned n personally, I think there are chances as you clean outside with devotion...inner cleaning also happens.
2) People of Varanasi understand that God just doesn't remain behind closed doors...sometimes (s)he would like to walk on congested streets n see around how people are living in Varanasi. I think we need to create a new God called "Clean Country God" who will live on streets not inside the religious structure in India :):):)

I am happy that I visited Varanasi n saw its beauty n uniqueness :):):)

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