Monday, June 29, 2009

Project Management for Professionals(PMP)

On 25th June, I passed PMP exam. My experience says that this is not an easy exam but you can definitely pass with some sincere efforts:-).

How long I took to prepare?
I started my plan 6 months back. However,I did regular study only for a month:-).

How I did my preparation?
I studied two books - PMBOK and Rita's PMP Exam Prep and I practiced question using Rita's simulation exam.
Followed steps:
1. Completed PMPBOK and gave the exam. Scored 65.5%
2. Read half of Rita's prep book and again gave the exam. Scored 72.2
3. Read Rita's complete book and again gave SUPER PMP exam.Scored 65.4%
4. I revised Chapters such as Risk, procurement and roles and responsibilities and tried my luck again. Scored 84.5 one day before the exam.

I used one interesting trick and it really helped to see all the processes together. I took out pages describing process's input and output for all knowledge areas and pasted on room's wall. So I could have clear idea which knowledge areas I am doing fine, where I need to improve and how 44 processes are interrelated with each other.

All the best.