Tuesday, September 22, 2009

When I was nobody

In the journey of life, I collected so many people inside
Now my only wish is to drop them from my mind
I search every corner of mine but don't see anywhere I
I feel as if so many voices shouting at a time

I step backward to find out where I was I
When I was at peace and completely ignorant of pride
When smile was always there waiting to spread without reason
When I was having colors of rainbows
and didn't wear watch to track the time
When I was not afraid of getting my clothes dirty
and spend hours on the mountains
When I didn't desire to be somebody
and I was nobody

When I was having fragrances of flowers
and could love intensely without fear of losing
Now I am jealous of flowers lying on the road
They are laughing while dying
I am dying when life is blissful around me

Now I have all what I could wish for
I have money and decide right and wrong for me
Still I feel utter empty inside
I had everything when I was nobody
I lost my precious wholeness when I became somebody