Friday, August 7, 2009


There was a time in our life when we all used to be very active physically. That time we could run miles without tiredness. These days climbing some stairs make us breathless. Is it because we have become old? Or is it because we have stopped playing?

We all know the answer. We are getting older because we have stopped playing.
In the current circumstances, we can’t do same activities as we used to. But we can choose something, which has fun, increase our stamina and keep our heart healthy.
I have chosen aerobics. Aerobics is a form of physical exercise that combines rhythmic aerobic exercise with stretching and strength training routines.
There could be several benefits of aerobics but I expect only 2 benefits. These two benefits have derived me to be regular for aerobics over last 2 years.

First it is very good stress buster. Most of us spend long hours sitting on same chair and seeing same screen.At the end of day, we are drained and tired.
At home, we have limited choices either enjoy reality shows such as rakhi ka swambar, sach ka samna or Chat with friends over phone.

Again these activities suck rest of our energy. In this non-exciting routine, aerobics add little spice.

Imagine you are very tense because your fix has produced one critical bug. In this tense condition, you enter into a room which has 2 mirror walls and
latest hindi song is playing at high volume. You notice you are not alone there are some more tense faces standing near by. But you look yourself into mirror
and think How am I looking. Have I got overweight? Is there anybody else looking smarter than me.

Before you could think anything more, you are moving your hands and legs on beats. Sometimes, you miss hand step while catching leg step and vice-versa.
After 10 mints, you forget about your bugs and become more engrossed in aerobic steps and song. After 20 mints, you start sweating and your heart rate
Increases from 60 to 160. You are running left to right, right to left, forward to backward and backward to forward leaving all baggage aside. At end of 50 mints, you feel energize, unburdened and more confident about yourself.

If we don't release tensions, these tensions gradually destroy our body and personality. We will start having tightness in your shoulder, lower back pain and neck pain. Except physical pain, we will become less tolerate, impatient because your tension bowl is overflowing.

Second Aerobics help to make our heart stronger and more efficient.
The heart is the engine, which supplies blood to all parts of the body.
The moment heart stops beating, body cells don't receive supplies of blood and oxygen. And our body couldn’t survive more than some mints without blood and oxygen.
So we must keep our engine in very good condition. If our engine is efficient, It would not be affected by minor shocks and definitely could survive major ones.

How aerobics make our heart stronger?

While doing aerobic exercise, our heart rate increase and we breathe harder for extended period of time. That means extra oxygen is supplied to our lungs and our heart continuously work harder to deliver this oxygen to our body. When heart works harder its pump muscles get stronger and efficient.

These are two reasons, which push me every morning. I repeat them 3 times at 6:30AM and my eyes automatically open up J

Finally, I will say our body is our best friend, which lives with us till we die. It is our responsibility to maintain healthiness of our heart and other parts. Regular exercise ensures us that all screws in our body are in perfect shape.