Thursday, October 24, 2013


Suffering is needed  for human growth like  a tree needs wind,rain, and sun for its growth. Suffering, Problems and Pain everything is given in life to sharpen our intelligence and to awake us otherwise we never bother about essential things in life. When some deadly disease knocks our door or somebody dear to us die, then immediately our perspective towards life changes within moments.
I am not saying we should invite suffering. I am saying when suffering enters in our life. Hold its hand and with love, ask what's the purpose of its Visit :-). It always brings some message and learning. A person who has never faced any problem is so weak that he will not have spine to stand his own but a person who faced the problems and suffered but converted his suffering into challenge and creativity. There will not be any fear in her eyes because s(he) knows her hidden capabilities to transform any problems into a learning.