Monday, April 18, 2011

Again and Again

I am in the grip of numerous patterns
I try my best to get rid of them
But they hold me from some corner
And make me a fool again and again

My life is led by them
So many new things knock my door
But I have become immune to them
And move in same circle again and again

I walk one step towards my goal
But loose little alertness on the path,
And my mind pulls me two steps backward
I slip back on the same spot again and again

My heart is content and complete
Away from competition and comparison
But my mind reminds me what a looser I am
I fall from heaven to hell again and again

Infinite energy is emerging in me
Thirsty to take shape of colors and words
My mind questions what I would gain from them
I miss an opportunity to create again and again

I never fell in love with a person
But with a list of criterion created by mind
My heart remained untouched every time
Still I go back to the same ditch again and again

I wish...
I had little more courage
And total trust in existence
I could ignore nonsense of mind
And follow my heart again and again

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Have a little trust in me

Have a little trust in me
I will never break it
Open your heart slowly
Don't hide anything from me
Share your pain fearlessly
Warmth of our love will melt it
Don't go far away from me

Have a little trust in me
I have seen the whole world
Rare to find a man with a beautiful heart
How can I afford to loose you
Let life bring all problems
I will stand with you in every struggle

Have a little trust in me
I will never break it

Please forgive me for my lies

I have a confession to make
I never loved love
All the promises I made
I will never fulfill any of them
Those were the tricks of mind
To keep you longer in life
Please forgive me for my lies

I have never shown my real self to you
I had to pretend to have your approval
Afraid to loose you and to be left all alone
My heart can't carry it any more
It has suffered enough because of fear
Now wants to drop all covers
Please forgive me for my lies

Sunday, April 10, 2011

ज़िन्दगी की कहानी अजीब होती है

ज़िन्दगी की कहानी अजीब होती है
तू सबसे करीब था मेरे कभी
आज कितना दूर रहता है

तेरा नाम लेकर सुबहे होती थी
तेरी सूरत देखकर रात शुरू होती थी
आज पूछता है तेरा नाम कोई
तो सोच में पड़ जाती हूँ

तुझे खुदा बनाया था मैंने अपना
तूने अपनी खुशियों का ज़नाज़ा निकला
तो शर्म आई मुझे
अपने खुदा को कितना नीचे गिरा दिया मैंने

तुझे महफूज़ रखा था हर सजा से मैंने
आज मेरे ही दिल से निकली बदुआ
तो हैरत में पड़ गई
एक दोस्त था मेरा
अब अजनबी भी न रहा
ज़िन्दगी की कहानी अजीब होती है

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Make me fly high in the sky

I wanna to fly high in the sky
Give me wings.. my love
Away from the crowd, Away from the world
Away from the past, Away from the future
Make me fly high in the sky
Break rule of gravitation
Do some manipulation
Form some illusion
And make me fly high in the sky

Madness is descending on me
Frustration is taking over me
Before they take me away
I wanna to taste experience of infinity
So my love....
Make me fly high in the sky

Reduce me from human to bird
Upgrade me from human to angel
Do whatever you want but answer my prayer.. my love
Make me fly high in the sky

I will never ask anything else
Just once only once
In exchange of my life
Give me wings
And make me fly high in the sky

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


ज़िन्दगी लम्हों में मिलती है
हमारी तमन्नाओ की ग़ुलाम कहाँ होती है
चाहो तो समेट लो, चाहो तो फेंक दो

हमारा साथ कुछ लम्हों का हो सकता है
जन्म जन्मान्तर के सपनों में खोकर
इन्हें क्यों तबाह करता है

ये जो गुज़र रहे हैं कुछ लम्हें
तेरी बाँहों की छाओ में
वो एक उम्र से कम तो नहीं
बाँट लेते हैं अपने ख़ुशी ग़म
इससे ज्यादा क्या करना है पाकर

ये प्यार इश्वर का प्रसाद है
वो बेवजह बांटता रहता है
कभी थोड़ा , कभी ज्यादा
कभी इस रूप में, कभी उस रूप में
वो हमसे इजाज़त लेने नहीं आता

जितना मिला है उसका स्वाद ले लेते हैं
चल .. मेरी जान..इन लम्हों को जी भरकर जी लेते हैं