Monday, April 13, 2009

Sometimes I wonder

Sometimes I wonder
How the world would have been without my presence?
Was my arrival needed on the earth?
Was something missing in the universe?
And I came to fill that empty space?
Am I really different from all the others?

Sometimes I wonder
So many poets have expresses their feelings.
Millions of poetry floating in every country.
All which could be said in words, already said.
Will I write something which is never felt before?

Sometimes I wonder
Thousands of people fall in love every moment.
Is my falling for love going to be unique?
So many hearts break and cry in separation.
Is my separation from my loved one be different?

Sometimes I wonder
Death can come any time to knock my door.
And I will not have time to utter single word.
But I keep collecting nonsense in my life.
Will I have blessing to celebrate my discontinuation from life.

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