Friday, June 10, 2011

I chose you because I know

I chose you because I know
You will never hurt me
If you ever do,
you will feel more pain than I do

I chose you because I know
You will never go away from me
If you ever go,
You will go only when you loose all hopes for being together

I chose you because I know
Even when my face is full of wrinkles and my hands shake
You will have same love in your eyes
you will hug me with same warmness

I chose you because I know
I can open every bit of mine without hesitation
You will accept me as I am without modifications
You will be with me to help us to become more beautiful and mature

I chose you because I know
You can bring me back to my sense when I go out of mind
You will leave me alone when I need it most
And hold me when I want you to be near me.

I choose you because I know
We both are pole apart and came from different paths
But you can understand my silence and tears
I don't need words to express my feelings


  1. i chose u because i will keep writing good compositions which i can enjoy...but if you ever stop...that will be because you dont feel like writing :)

  2. wow....:-) I like this even your comments have some poetry. I feel you are becoming more creative. Keep it up :-)

  3. @Asifa Thanks dear :-).
    @RayOfHope....Thanks for appreciation.. hope to express feelings more deeply :-)

  4. I just loved it... loved it so much!!!

  5. Thanks.. I also love it :-)