Thursday, February 21, 2013

Except You

When I make silly mistakes
I fear to tell you.
You might come to know
How stupid I am?
but except you,with whom else?
I can share my silliness
And who else can trust in my intelligence,
That I will learn on my own with time

When I feel like crying on tiny matters
I fear to look at you
you might think
I am not grown up yet 
But except you, with whom else?
I can remain innocent like a child
And who else can accept my tears,
Just as a sign of delicate heart not a weakness

When I become frustrated and angry on everyone around
I want to run away from you
You might think
I am not a loving girl anymore
But except you,with whom else?
I can show my dark self
And who else can allow me,
To experience every aspect of my being.

When I feel totally hopeless and disappointed from life,
I don't want to expose myself
You might think 
Even blessings of so many masters didn't bring any light to me
But except you,with whom else I can open unknown knots of my heart
And who else can understand,
Mysterious ways of soul journey

Dedicated to beautiful and lovely people in my life who are always there to accept and love me as I am :-)