Wednesday, October 7, 2015


I wonder...
Does life situations really makes human so weak n phony?
Where she scares to speak what she feels?
Where she feels fear of rejection before she approach anything?
Where she hides her own being behind mask to survive?
Where her courage disappeared?
She was born with and was not ready to compromise for anybody?
Where is that stubbornness of being as she is ?
How her fearless expression got contaminated?

Does growing up in life
Really takes away all the courage n authenticity from us?
May does.
Otherwise..why so much manipulation in all relationships?
Why people hide their truth underneath ?
Why so much fear to be individual ?
Why so much compulsive need to be part of some group ?
Why everyone tries too hard to be recognized n get approval?
Still...nothing fills the emptiness of inner being.
It remains there haunting us again n again.
Till we enter into the state we were born with.

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