Sunday, November 1, 2015

Overburdened with Spirituality

I observed that many times spiritual people including me get so overwhelmed with their wisdom n understanding of life that they start feeling, there can't be anything beyond their reach in human experience. Sometimes without feeling other person's heart n her being, they start pouring their experience n what is the right way of doing the things.
Many times, experienced spiritual people are so clouded in their own concepts that before other person open up, they start telling what they will be feeling.
I don't know what is the right way of sharing wisdom n experience with others but one criterion must be there...the willingness of other to receive.
Yesterday, when I poured my life wisdom without being sensitive that other person might not be willing n nobody likes free advice, it was really revealing to know that I started doing something which I don't appreciate in others...pouring their experiences on my head without feeling my energy space n willingness to receive at that moment.
My friends, in case, you become the target of my wisdom sometimes n you don't tune with it. Please remind me...we all are individual n have our own journey.
Yes...I do make mistakes :):)

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