Monday, April 18, 2011

Again and Again

I am in the grip of numerous patterns
I try my best to get rid of them
But they hold me from some corner
And make me a fool again and again

My life is led by them
So many new things knock my door
But I have become immune to them
And move in same circle again and again

I walk one step towards my goal
But loose little alertness on the path,
And my mind pulls me two steps backward
I slip back on the same spot again and again

My heart is content and complete
Away from competition and comparison
But my mind reminds me what a looser I am
I fall from heaven to hell again and again

Infinite energy is emerging in me
Thirsty to take shape of colors and words
My mind questions what I would gain from them
I miss an opportunity to create again and again

I never fell in love with a person
But with a list of criterion created by mind
My heart remained untouched every time
Still I go back to the same ditch again and again

I wish...
I had little more courage
And total trust in existence
I could ignore nonsense of mind
And follow my heart again and again

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